The Craftman Style House

If you look at all the houses being built today, you will notice the similar style of the “Craftsman”.  The Craftsman Style house is an American classic that adds character to any neighborhood.  It’s combination of old and new gives it a unique look that suggests informal and family togetherness.  

Some of the traits of the Craftsman Style house are:

  • Built-in Cabinetry
  • Tapered or Double Columns
  • Large Covered Porches
  • Abundance of Windows
  • Beveled and/or Stained Glass with Geometric Patterns
  • Dynamic Front Doors
  • Earth-tone Colors

Inside a Craftsman Style house, you will find darker woodwork that includes crown moldings, beams, and tongue n groove paneling.  The baseboards are wider as is with the trim around the windows.  The floor plan excludes hallways and allows rooms to flow into each other which makes this style very functional.  There is very little wasted space.  

The Craftsman Style elements are often defined through its cabinetry by using high quality wood, sturdy build with minimal ornamentation, and stained with rich colors.  The built-in cabinetry is also extremely functional as they provide additional storage in benches, window seats, book shelves, buffets and room dividers.  

The Craftsman Style home is very popular and highly desired today.  If you have interest in building a Craftsman Style home, we would love to meet you and discuss your desires.  920-865-7700


Article Written by Lisa M Arthur Huben
Custom Kreations, Inc.