Taking care of your LVT/LVP is very important and very easy to do. Here are a few tips to keep your floor looking fabulous: 1. Put felt pads underneath the feet of all furniture.
2. Any kind of high heels can and will dent the floor.
3. Clean up spills immediately to prevent staining.
4. Always carry furniture across the floors. Never push, pull or drag furniture.
5. Place some sort of plate under plants to protect the floor from any leaking after watering your plants.
6. Use curtains, blinds or some other window treatments to avoid fading by the sun.
7. Sweep, swiffer, or vacuum (with out the beater bar) to clean up dust and dirt.
8. When scrubbing or mopping, do not over saturate with liquid. And do not use abrasive cleaners or those filled with chemicals.

The picture on the Left is LVP which mimics a wood floor, while the picture on the Right is LVT which mimics a tile floor

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