Frequently Asked Questions When Building or Remodeling

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the business and how long on your own?

Steve Huben has been in the business since graduating from high school in 1983.  He has owned and operated Custom Kreations, Inc. since 1986.


Are you licensed, if so by who and what are the requirements?

Yes,  we are licensed by the State of WI, along with holding various credentials that need to be renewed every other year. Continuing education must be obtained to renew these credentials.


Steve Huben:

State of WI Dwelling Contractor Certification

State of WI Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification

State of WI Department of Health Services Lead-Safe Renovator

Lisa Arthur Huben:

CAPS ~ Certified Aging In Place Specialist ~ National Association of Home Builders

ACCESSIBLE HOME MODIFICATIONS Facilitating Safety, Function and Options for Independence in the Home ~ Continuing Education ~ Summit Professional Education


I.D.E.A.S. ~Innovative Design in Environment for an Aging Society ~ National Institute of Health

Home Modifications for People with Dementia, Sensory Impairments, Motor Impairments, & People who are at Risk for Falls

Universal Design Certified Professional ~ NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industry)

Senior Home Safety Specialist ~ Age Safe America

Denise Adamski:

CQRID ~ Council for Qualifications of Residential Interior Designers ~ State of WI ~ ADA Codes

ACCESSIBLE HOME MODIFICATIONS Facilitating Safety, Function and Options for Independence in the Home ~ Continuing Education ~ Summit Professional Education

Do you have insurance, liability and workman's comp?

Yes, we are completely covered with General Liability Insurance, Workman’s Comp, and will be happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance if desired.  In addition, all of our sub-contractors are also fully covered with the same insurances.


May we see an example of the Building Contract and specification sheet that we will be asked to sign?

Yes, absolutely!  Our contract and specification sheets are approximately 35 pages.


How do you handle Lien Waivers?

We issue a lien waiver with each bill we pay.  That service provider will then sign off on it and return it to us.  We then provide them to your title company for their files.


What is your policy of Change Orders?

A change order will be processed when the scope of work is being altered.  The contract will be amended by using this change order to alter the price and/or time frame.  We will issue the change order and send it over to you for your signature of approval.  It must be signed/approved by all decision makers. The proposed change will not take place until we have the signed/approved change order back in our possession.


Do you guarantee a completion date?

The contract stipulates a completion date, though it is not guaranteed.  We have to take into consideration any unforeseen circumstances such as material back-orders, weather conditions, etc.  We have in the past had to guarantee the completion date and can do that by calculating a worst case scenarios.


Do you have a finished home we can see?

Yes, absolutely!  This would need to be arranged with the homeowner prior, but is not a problem.


Is clean-up included in your bid? What does your clean-up include?

Yes, cleaning is included.  All people who perform a service in your home will clean up after themselves.  We also have a cleaning service come in at the completion of our work, but before you take occupancy.


Do you have a service reserve built into the bid?

No, we do not have any extra reserves built into the bid price.


How long do you guarantee your workmanship?

While we strive to build a defect-free home, we are realistic enough to know that, with repeated use, an item in the home may fail to perform as it should.  When this occurs, we will make necessary corrections so the item meets our warranty guide-lines.  In support of this commitment, we provide you with a 2 year conditional warranty.  The State of WI requires all building contractors to warranty their work for the first year.  This is what the majority of builders offer.  We offer the second year with a few conditions.  Conditions are as follows:


  • We will mail you around the 11 month mark, a follow-up form to fill out and return to us.  This form will be asking for things that need adjustments, repairs or some sort of attention.  After we receive this form back from you we will set up a time we can come out and review this and get them corrected.
  • Most sub-contractors warranties expire at the first year anniversary.  It is very important to have them check over any concerns you may have before this time.
  • The second year warranty covers any kind of work that Custom Kreations, Inc. performed.  This does not include the sub-contractors.
  • Although most sub-contractors work expires at one year, many of our subs will go above and beyond that one year, depending on the situation.  
  • Any appliance or electronic devices have their own warranty.  Make sure you keep all manuals to refer to them when needed.
How do you control your sub-contractors if they have to come back after completion?

We have a good working relationship with our sub-contractors and have been employing them on a regular basis.  They understand the importance of good customer service, communication, and accommodating.  


Can we choose our own sub-contractors?

We do prefer to work with our own sub-contractors because we know what we are going to get with their quality of work, pricing, commitments, etc.  In return, they know what our expectations are.  We continue to work with the same sub-contractors because we are able to form this relationship.  However, we are open to meeting new service providers.  If you have someone who you truly believe in, we  would be interested in learning more about them.


What sets Custom Kreations, Inc apart from the competition and why should I choose you?

This is a great question because every contractor says they build a quality house and they have great customer service.  Our opinion is, “Actions speak louder that words”!


We know in our hearts, we offer sincere, truthful, and beyond expectations service.  We are proud of the homes we create for the people in our community and the friendships we form during the process.  It is important to us to do the best job we can because this is our livelihood, our life, and our name.

Before, during and after your project, our customer service surpasses your expectations.  We are prompt at returning your phone calls, emails, etc.  If you have questions and we don’t know the answer, we will find it out for you and let you know.  If something urgent needs our attention, we are prompt to take care of it.  We will arrange evening and/or weekend hours for your convenience.  Some of  the specific things we provide our customers with are:

  • We have written several “FREE Reports” to offer support before and during your home project.
  • We write thank you cards because we truly are thankful that people give us an opportunity to estimate their project.
  • You will receive a bi-monthly newsletter in the mail containing upcoming events, home maintenance tips, recipes, decorating ideas, testimonials, before and after photos, etc.
  • After the completion of your new home, you will receive an 89 page “Home Manual” that contains information on your warranty guidelines, maintenance and safety articles and tips, names and contact info of all the sub-contractors that performed work on your home.
  • We perform our 11 Month House Call before any 1 year warranties expire.  This will also provide you with our second year warranty.  
  • Our Independent Living Designer will perform a functional assessment in order to gather information on how you complete your daily activities and identify the barriers to independence and present creative solutions.
  • As part of our commitment to you in providing top notch service, we provide an Interior Designer to assist you with the many decisions you need to make when coordinating selections for your home project.
  • We are always re-organizing our Design Center/Showroom to display the most up-to-date selections for you to view and choose from.  Some items you will find are kitchen/bathroom displays, flooring samples, paint colors, cabinetry selections including counter-tops and hardware, and more.
  • We design, plan and construct our own custom cabinetry and furniture.
  • Your blue-prints/floor-plans can be executed by our “Design Team”.  We have incorporated a Floor-plan Designer, Interior Designer, and Independent Living Designer to work together to draw up a functional & productive, flowing, and aesthetically pleasing home design that will suit you and your family’s lifestyle.

How do you choose the right contractor for you? Watch and find out!

Financial Assistance and Community Organizations

S.  Military and VA Grant Programs: Veterans and Soldiers may be eligible for assistance with home modifications through multiple grant programs.

  • HISA ~ Home Improvement and Structural Alterations
  • SAH ~ Specially Adapted Housing
  • SHA ~ Special Home Adaptation

These programs apply to veterans with service and non-service related injuries and in some instances children of veterans.  Click on link to learn more about these programs.

The Bryon Reisch Paralysis Foundation:  A Milwaukee charity focused on assisting individuals with spinal cord injuries and neurological disabilities.

Wisconsin loan Program:  Loans available for assistive technology and home modifications.  Low interest loans.

Reverse Mortgages:  An option for homeowners to utilize their home equity to support their needs without having to give up their home.  Click onto the title for an information web.

Easter Seals Foundations:  Supportive foundation that offers assistance for persons with disabilities.  The Easter Seals offers charitable assistance for persons with disabilities.

Wisconsin ALS Association:  Support for families and persons living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Does provide some assistance with accessing equipment and funding for persons living with ALS.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation:  A national program with local offices that provides support, information, resources and assistance for persons living with MS.  The MS Foundation offers financial assistance in some instances for the needs of persons living with MS.

National Spinal Cord Injury Association:  Resources and information for persons living with spinal cord injuries.

Gilda’s Club:  Support group for persons and families living with cancer with support resources and support groups.

IRIS Program:  The IRIS program under WI Medicaid provides opportunities for funding of home modifications in some cases.  This program offers individuals flexibility with use of their funds to address some of their medical needs.

Family Care: A Wisconsin Medicaid managed program that may offer some benefits for certain modifications to your home.

Aging & Disability Center of Brown County:  Lots of information and resources for aging and people with disabilities.

Aging & Disability Center of Oconto, Shawano, and Menominee Counties

Aging & Disability Center of Calumet, Outagamie, and Waupaca Counties

Aging & Disability Center of Door County

Center For Children & Youth With Special Healthcare Needs: Information and referrals that are up-to-date and confidential, connections to community, state and national resources, health benefits assistance and transition planning