Easy Living Homes Delivers 3 Beneficial Features : The Bathroom

  1. Convenient Access: Convenient, step-free entries into your home and throughout your home helps avoid trips and falls. These easy entry and threshold-free doorways make it easier for family and/or friends who rely on assistance for mobility.
  2. Convenient Passage: With wider hallways and doorways, there is plenty of room to pass through without bumping into walls or door frames. This means complete independence for those who struggle with small or narrow spaces.
  3. Convenient Usage: All necessary living space is located on the main floor. This means fewer trips up and down the stairs since all the rooms you spend most of your time in are on one level. This self-contained floor makes it possible for people who develop a serious medical condition to remain in their home and retain their independence.

There are numerous things to consider when building or remodeling your home to this design. Chances are, your home will not need all of the suggestions listed, but it is wise to think of the future for yourself or a family member who may make regular visits into your home.


There is a huge advantage to include “Universal Design” into the construction phase of your new home.

  • Average price to upgrade your home to this design is only 5% more.
  • Contractors do not have any building codes to follow when applying this design. This is an advantage for the home owner as it gives them more freedom to design the home to suit the family’s needs.
  • Preparing your home to add this design in the future is possible during the construction phase. A few examples of this are blocking for future grab bars, structural framing of wider doorways, pre-positioned electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough-ins.


There are all kinds of things to consider when remodeling your home to this type of design. Even though there are many suggestions that can be made, chances are, you may need only a few of them to make it more accessible for you. A good suggestion would be to take it one project at a time to avoid extra stress. Some jobs are quick, easy and inexpensive. On the other hand, there are much larger projects that are more in-depth and expensive.

Next, you will find a lengthy list of possible solutions to modify your BATHROOM to make it an “Easy Living Home”

Bathroom Ideas:

  • Bathroom door should be at least 32” wide, 36” maximum
  • Door can be unlocked from outside
  • Bathroom door opens out
  • Bathroom has enough clear floor space for a wheelchair
  • Non-slip surface on the floor
  • There is a telephone in the bathroom that is within reach of the toilet and tub
  • Bathroom is well lit with task lighting
  • There is a full length mirror mounted lower

The bathtub:

  • There is a flat area on the edge of the tub for sitting
  • The bathtub has a non-slip surface
  • The water controls can be reached from outside of the tub
  • The towel and shampoo can be reached while sitting in the tub
  • Grab bars mounted around the tub
  • Anti-scald device on the tub faucet
  • Hand held shower head in tub
  • That bathtub has a transfer bench for getting in and out

The shower:

  • Walk-in shower with no curb
  • There is a seat in the shower
  • The floor has a non-slip surface
  • Grab bars mounted around the shower
  • There is a hand held shower head
  • There is a shelf to hold shampoo
  • The shower has an anti-scald device on the faucet
  • There is a light in the shower
  • The shower dimension is 36” x 36” with a seat
  • The shower dimension is 30” x 30” without a seat

Grab bars:

  • There are grab bars around the toilet, tub and shower
  • The grab bars can support up to 250 pounds
  • The grab bars are attached to the wall studs
  • The grab bars measure 1 ¼” – 1 ½” round
  • The grab bars are textured for easy gripping
  • There is 1 ½” between the grab bar and the wall
  • If there are no grab bars, is there bracing in the wall to install them?

Bathroom sink/vanity:

  • The sink is 34” off the floor
  • The sink has knee space underneath
  • The faucet is a single lever handle
  • The faucet has an anti-scald device
  • The countertop edge is rounded
  • The countertop is spacious and made of easy to clean materials
  • The medicine cabinet is reachable when sitting at the sink
  • There is a tilting mirror attached
  • There is a contrasting color edge on the countertop
  • A wall hung sink has at least 17” depth for knee space
  • The sink is places as close to the front of the cabinet as possible
  • Any exposed hot water pipes are insulated or covered

The toilet:

  • The toilet is 17” – 19” off the floor
  • There is at least 18” of space in front of the toilet
  • There is 42” of floor space on at least 1 side of the toilet
  • The toilet paper can be reached easily from the toilet
  • The design of the toilet paper holder allows rolls to be changed with 1 hand
  • The toilet has a bidet seat
  • The toilet has an easy to flush handle

These are all simple, basic ideas that could make a struggle into an easier task. Any detail that can make performing a bathroom task safer and simpler is worth changing.

If you are interested in learning how to make your bathroom safer for the occupant/s, give us a call to set up a time for us to come out and assess it. 920-865-7700


Article written by Lisa M Arthur Huben
Custom Kreations, Inc.